Wednesday, 18 April 2012


You've probably noticed I don't really use this portal anymore but just incase you do I thought I would update you with some new goings on.

1. I now have my own personal URL where all my webstuff is contained in one place

2. I also have a Tumblr page (which I use basically to report on my sound cloud activity)

Small Colin @ Tumblr

3. My main place for news now is on Twitter. Profile page below:-

Small Colin @ Twitter

Thanks for reading/listening. Hope to see you at one point on one of my pages.

C x

Friday, 9 September 2011

Small Colin @ Facebook

I realised I haven't given the link for the Facebook profile page yet so here it is:-

Small Colin @ Facebook

I would appreciate a "like" not only for my own ego but also because it means you will be kept in the know of updates of the Small Colin variety.


C x

Bandcamp, Soundcloud & Onesheet

I now have an account at and I will be using it only to have older songs & early versions of already released tracks. All of the music will be free to download so go check it out now

My soundcloud page has also been updated with a couple of tracks

Small Colin @ Soundcloud

I've also set-up a profile at one that basically is a page that links to all Small Colin related sites online. There you can listen to music (via soundcloud), read my Twitter feed, read this blog & entrys from my Facebook page and check out any vids I've uploaded to Vimeo. There is also links to buy my first ep on iTunes.
I think its a great idea to have everything in the one place as it saves having to keep loads of different bookmarks for several sites. Here is the link for it:-

Take care now

C x

Retro Masters

As you might have guessed by the non-happenings here i now post nearly all of Small Colin news on Facebook. The reason for this mainly is i'm not sure how many people check in on this blog whilst on FB I know of at least 100 odd people that see every entry.

Never-the-less, i'm posting now just in case anyone reading doesn't know about the release of my new ep.

I have 5 new tracks available for a free download from the awesome net-label rec72. The songs are actually all recorded between 2006-2011 hence the title. The cover also plays in with naming as it features an old toy.

Here is a direct link to the dowload page:-

Retro Masters

And the cover:-

All tracks were mastered by Peter over at Sound29. I am very pleased with the results so will definitely be using his services in future. I would recommend you do this also.


One of the tracks features the beautiful vocals of a german girl called Julika Poly. You should check out her music here:-

As always I would love to hear your opinion on the music so don't hesitate to leave a comment

Till the next time

C x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Leaf Shaped Feelings Remix ep/lp out now

Yip, you read right. 11 remixes of the Small Radio track have been collected, arranged & packaged together with an awesome cover photo by Koki Abra.
Remixers who have contributed to the project are found below.

1. Cube2the3rd
2. MCM
3. Adrian Carter
4. Clutter
5. Pandacetamol
6. Noise Research
7. Anclove
8. Forrest James
9. 7the Gear
10. Coco Bryce
11. Lofiuser

A big thanks goes out to all those involved. Myself & Scott are (as always) extremely grateful & thrilled to be involved with such talented people.

Check it out good folk!!!

Small Radio - Leaf Shaped Feelings Remixes

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Headphonaught review on Le Migre #2

Hey feeling bored just before Xmas? Have a read of the review of Le Migre #2 over at

Headphonaught's Nanolog.

Nice. My favourite part, "This modern day "wall of sound" is a delightful addition to the albums on my iPhone and one that I would heartily recommend."

Merry Christmas to one & all from within the Small Colin family. xxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Excellenti Features…

………on a new Creative Commons compliation entitled, well, "Creative Commons Compilation 2010". The album has been complied by a German guy (I think). And as you've probably guessed all the stuff on the record has been released under the Creative Commons License.

It really is a great album so get involved now & listen to some good free music.

all2gethernow - Creative Commons Compilation 2010


ps You can read up more on the aforementioned Creative Commons stuff here:-

Creative Commons

pps check out the weird file naming when you download the tracks! :)